We exist to deliver memorable experiences for the savviest marketing managers on the planet.

And what’s even better than providing photo-worthy, game-changing experiences?

The ability to create, manage & ship them from one efficient dashboard, under one roof.

97% of our customers return because...

We know a thing or two.

Experience-in-a-Box was developed by the promotional masterminds at Blezoo. (Yeah, that’s us!) We’ve been knocking it out of the park shipping branded merch and experiences for the last 14 years. With that level of experience, you’re in good hands!

We’re adaptable.

Your brand is our world, and we make sure we know it well. We’re not here to give you a derivative creation with your logo tacked on. We’re here to identify the perfect experience to represent what your brand stands for – and make it fun to open. Consider your brand matched and your needs met.

We’re accessible.

Your box’s budget is in your hands. We’ve done everything from amazing $5 boxes for a healthcare company to bangin’ $150 boxes for teams. We’re focused on making an impact, and it all depends on your brand. Whether you’re known to be frugal or one of the world’s top luxury brands, we reflect it.

And we get it.

HR loves us. Sales and marketers are in love with us. Because as creatives and marketing gurus, we get it. Experience-in-a-Box was founded by a former CMO. We know exactly what you’re looking for and precisely how to make it work. We’re familiar with your brand challenges (and the solutions).

We’ve been sourcing products since 2008.

We started developing merchandise back in 2008 to help HR, sales and marketing professionals inspire meaningful connections. Client and employee relationships are at the heart of any growing business, and we’re advocates for making that process simple and a whole lot of fun. 

After all these years, we’ve built up a network of 5-star factories around the world, and we have high standards. Need something niche that our network can’t make to perfection? Our experience and connections are more than enough to find a reputable and worthy supplier for your needs.

We believe that

  • To create delight is at the heart of success. 
  • Every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. 
  • Marketing snipers stay on target.
  • The best work happens through listening and collaboration. 
  • Openness means taking in ways to improve and acting on feedback.
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