Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a box?

Start on our Order a Box page. From there, you can select the packaging and contents you want to use, specify requirements, and upload a design or enlist help from our design experts. Your Boxologist will provide mockups and a quote for you to approve.

How do I order boxes?

When you pick a template or build your custom box, you receive a quote for the estimated cost per box and for the entire order. You don’t have to pay at this point. Instead, your personal Boxologist will contact you to ensure your mockups and quantities are perfect and then provide you with your final quote. Once you approve, you’ll use your account dashboard to manage your inventory and ship boxes.

How are boxes and products designed?

When you create a box, you can upload the logo and design you want to use. Your Boxologist will ensure that your designs work before they complete your quote. We also offer free standard design services and virtual mockups if desired.

How are products sourced and boxed?

We source products from our global network of trusted 5-star factories. Once the products arrive at our warehouse, we conduct quality checks and box them up ourselves.

Should I use a pre-built or custom box?

It’s up to you! Pre-built boxes are easier to start and require less decision-making on your part. Custom boxes are perfect for when you need something specialized or niche.

Do you provide samples?

Yes! We offer free samples here. Once you fill out the form, we’ll send you one of our boxes to show you just how awesome they are.

How much does an Experience-in-a-Box cost?

The cost of your box is entirely up to you! As you build your box, our price slider will show your price estimate. When you’re done, your Boxologist will give you an official quote. We have made incredible boxes everywhere from $5 to $150 a box.

How much does shipping cost?

Most boxes cost $12 to ship anywhere in the US with FedEx Ground. If your box is unusually big or heavy, we will quote a flat shipping rate when we quote your box. When you ship a box, you can pay for shipping with a credit card or shipping credits. Shipping credits are purchased in advance to use at your discretion.

How long does it take to ship boxes?

Once we create your boxes, you can ship them whenever you like with either standard shipping or overnight delivery.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes. Currently, we custom quote each international shipment. If you would like to make one, please reach out to your Boxologist.

What if I need to ship more boxes than I have?

We protect against the need for backorders by making it easy to see how many boxes you have left at all times. Your dashboard inventory will always show how many boxes you have in stock, and your Boxologist will let you know when your inventory starts to get low. In the event that you need more boxes last minute, reach out to your Boxologist.

How do I access my dashboard?

You can access your dashboard after you create an account or a Boxologist creates an account for you. You can get to your dashboard by logging in here or by clicking Log In on the top right corner of the screen.

How will I manage inventory and shipments?

You can manage box orders, inventory, shipments, and team access all from your dashboard. 

If you have questions on how to use the dashboard, please refer to the FAQ on the left-hand menu of your dashboard.

How will I ship boxes?

If we store your boxes for you, you can ship them through your dashboard. You will simply select the box you want to send, pick a shipping date, choose your shipping method, and add your recipients. When checking out, you can pay with shipping credits or a card.

How will I manage team members?

You can view, add, and delete teammates from the Teams page on your dashboard. You can also control which boxes each teammate has access to and whether or not their shipments require your approval before shipping out. 

Only you, the account holder, can create boxes and restock inventory.