people cheering and expressing gratitude with hearts

November makes me think of Thanksgiving which makes me think of thankfulness which makes me think of gratitude. Kind of how I think about the products we make for brands. In many cases it is a vehicle to show gratitude:

Thank you for coming to my event.”
Thank you for being an awesome customer.”
Thank you for connecting with us.”

Gratitude has become so intertwined with our culture at Blezoo that we end all of our meetings with a healthy dose of gratitude.

During our weekly team meeting, we end with “kudos” which is essentially gratitude for another teammate for something they did that relates to our values.

At our monthly team meeting, we end the meeting with gratitude for whatever is top of mind. It can literally be anything. 

Side Note: At my house, we begin dinner every evening by taking turns expressing gratitude for something. My 3-year-old daughter even partakes, although I’m still trying to figure out how her substitute pool instructor Jasmine (who literally only taught her one day) seems to always get into the mix. Hey, it’s whatever is top of mind!

I will end with a simple message: how can you incorporate gratitude into your daily/weekly/monthly routine? If you can’t think of a good way then I would suggest trying to end a recurring meeting with gratitude. Can be kind of awkward at first, but then it becomes second nature. Plus, what’s a better way to end a meeting:

“Are there any more questions??? *crickets* Ok… I guess that’ll be it.”


“I have gratitude for _________________.”

Trust me, the energy is much better with gratitude. 

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