Just recently – like really recently, the paint is still drying – Blezoo bought a 16,300 square foot building and moved into its new headquarters!

What does the new Blezoo headquarters mean for the business?

  • Space to store products for Experience-in-a-Box
  • Fulfillment capabilities in-house
  • A 2,600 sq/ft event space with 42 parking spots
  • Plenty of room to grow for new hires
  • New printing capabilities under the same roof
  • Better amenities to attract & retain talent
  • Stability & certainty due to ownership
  • We have our own pond to fish in (seriously)
  • Many more things to come that we’ll uncover, for sure!

I really believe that the migration to Blezoo HQ is the foundation for our next phase of growth into the future. With our amazing team and clients as our fuel, we’re ready to build the future.


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