As we approach the close of another remarkable year, I am confident that each of you will take a moment to reflect on the journey of 2023.

When someone asks you, “Was this year a success?” your response might be complex, embodying the multitude of experiences that a year can bring. 

This reminds me of a profound insight from Giannis Antetokounmpo of the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Following a playoff loss, when questioned about the season being a failure, his response caught my attention:

There’s no failure… There’s good days, bad days, some days you are able to be successful, some days you are not, some days it is your turn, some days it’s not. That’s what sports is about. You don’t always win… each year is a step towards success.

In business, like in sports, we often gauge success through measurable outcomes, similar to how athletes view scoreboards. 

However, true progress is a product of cultivating successful habits and creating a positive trajectory. It’s about examining the entire journey, the direction we’re heading, and the foundational blocks we’re assembling.

I am thrilled to announce that by every measure this year marks Blezoo’s 15th consecutive year of success. 

As an enthusiastic reader of business works, I’m aware of how fortunate we are to maintain such success over time and to have the collaboration with you.

Thank you for having us in your starting line-up.

Together, I am confident that we will achieve greatness in 2024. 

In your success, we find ours.

Dean Caravelis


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