I wanted to share the 5 things that every marketing manager (or anyone who orders promotional products and apparel) needs to ask and answer before they start a promotional project.

At Blezoo, we call it our Compass System. We’ve found that 98% of projects that go wrong, didn’t have one of these things answered in the initial conversations about the project. In fact, it’s so important that we’ve designed and printed an entire Compass sheet that you can fill out for each project.

1. WHO is it intended for?

Who is the recipient of this project? It’s extremely important to know your audience, so you can tailor your project to fit their needs.

2. WHEN do you need it?

Always know your deadline. Do you have an event coming up? Do you need them in time to hand out at your next staff meeting? Communicating this to Blezoo helps us ensure that we pick products that can hit your deadline.

3. WHAT is it intended for?

Why are you doing it? What are the objectives? Is there a reason you started this project… Other than maybe the CEO wanted to do it? It’s so important to understand the WHAT and WHY so you can get your ROI on the project.

4. HOW much? HOW many?

Numbers are important too, right? What is your budget? Starting a project without a budget is like walking around the desert blindfolded.

Also, how many do you need? Especially with supply chain issues we’re currently facing, items could be out of stock, so you need to know the minimum quantity.

5. ARTWORK to be used on the project?

And last but not least, your artwork! What is going to be printed on the product? If you don’t know your art then you’re not gonna know if it’s going to work in application.

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