At Blezoo, we provide white glove service to our clients. What does that mean? Well, we make it as easy as possible for them by guiding them through the process, making suggestions & following up to make sure they are on schedule.

While we are masters at asking relevant questions and pointing out the best solution, some of our customers like to spend the time to peruse.

Enter Blezoo’s digital tools!

Here are a handful of curated sites that Blezoo maintains:

Blezoo Promotional Products Website

This is our most considerable cross-section of products from our top vendors.

Experience-in-a-Box Website

Build your box here and manage it in our dashboard. All in one place!

Blezoo Apparel Website

The name says it all! Wearables for days (and nights).

Blezoo Recognition Website

Here you can find endless awards & recognition gifts!

PromoFOMO Shop

Every week we add 1 new item to this PromoFOMO site. Don’t miss out!

QuickTurn Shop

Deep inventory items that we can turn very quickly. This will come in handy.

Next time you want to browse? Bookmark this blog or these individual sites!

Or, contact your Blezoo Rep 🙂 

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